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Dept. of Commerce - Transfer of Graphene for Graphene-based Devices Grant Program. Deadline: 6/28/22

Opportunity Title:

Transfer of Graphene for Graphene-based Devices Grant Program

Opportunity Number:



The NIST Transfer of Graphene for Graphene-based Devices Grant Program is seeking applications from eligible applicants for research activities to determine effective and efficient methods of transferring graphene grown on SiC (secondarily copper or other chemical vapor deposition (CVD) substrates) to target substrates that are required in many graphene-based devices, especially for high-end applications. The characterization of graphene on said target substrates is necessary and will be used to determine the quality of the resulting graphene. Characterization techniques may include but are not limited to optical microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, SEM, TEM, AFM, and Raman spectroscopy. Quantifying and minimizing defects induced during the transfer is critical to device performance. The electronic, photonic, and other properties of transferred graphene are also of interest. The program’s primary goal is for the recipient to develop and publish a methodology for transferring large-area and high-quality graphene with high reproducibility and scalability to enable commercialization of graphene devices.


Eligibility for the program listed in this NOFO is open to all domestic non-Federal entities. Eligible applicants include accredited institutions of higher education; non-profit organizations; for-profit organizations incorporated in the United States; and state, local, territorial, and Indian tribal governments. Please note that individuals and unincorporated sole proprietors are not considered “non-Federal entities” and are not eligible to apply under this NOFO. Although Federal entities are not eligible to receive funding under this NOFO, they may participate as unfunded collaborators.

Application Deadline:

June 28, 2022

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