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Dept. of Defense - Reconstructive Transplant Research Program. Due 9/28. $200K Available.

Opportunity Title:

FY22 Reconstructive Transplant Research Program (RTRP)


The RTRP challenges the scientific community to design innovative research that will optimize form, function, appearance, and psychosocial health for catastrophically injured Service Members, Veterans, and American civilians through the development of effective reconstructive transplantation solutions. More specifically, the RTRP seeks vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA)-focused research. VCA refers to the transplantation of multiple tissues such as muscle, bone, nerve, and skin, as a functional unit (e.g., a hand or face) from a deceased donor to a recipient with a severe injury. The ultimate goal is to return injured Service Members to duty and restore their quality of life.


Organization: All organizations, including foreign organizations, foreign public entities, and international organizations, are eligible to apply.

Government Agencies Within the United States: Local, state, and federal government agencies are eligible to the extent that applications do not overlap with their fully funded internal programs. Such agencies are required to explain how their applications do not overlap with their internal programs. As applications for this program announcement may be submitted by extramural and intramural organizations, these terms are defined below.

Extramural Organization: An eligible non-DOD organization. Examples of extramural organizations include academic institutions, biotechnology companies, foundations, federal government organizations other than the DOD, and research institutes.

Intramural DOD Organization: A DOD laboratory, DOD military treatment facility, and/or DOD activity embedded within a civilian medical center.

Intramural Submission: An application submitted by a DOD organization for an intramural investigator working within a DOD laboratory or military treatment facility or in a DOD activity embedded within a civilian medical center.

The USAMRAA makes awards to eligible organizations, not to individuals.

Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

Pre-Application Submission due September 28, 2022

Full Applications due October 19, 2022

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