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Dept. of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery - Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program. Due 10/18.

Opportunity Title:

Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program


The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery offers the Beverage Container Recycling Grant Program pursuant to Section 14581(a)(4) of the Public Resources Code. The purpose of the grant is to issue up to $1,500,000 annually in the form of grants for beverage container recycling and litter reduction programs to promote increased recycling of beverage containers throughout California and reduce beverage container litter in the waste stream.


Business, Individual, Nonprofit, Public Agency, Tribal Government

• California cities, counties, state agencies, and other local governmental entities. • Special districts (e.g., recreational park districts). • Public colleges and universities, and public K-12 school districts. • Non-profit organizations (except private schools K-12) registered with the federal government under 501(c)3, (c),6, or (c)10 of the Internal Revenue Code. • Qualifying Tribal Entities. • Joint Powers Authorities (JPA).

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

October 18, 2022

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