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Dept. of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery - Household Hazardous Waste (Small Projects). Due 6/30.

Opportunity Title:

Household Hazardous Waste Grant (Small Projects)


This grant cycle has been designed for smaller projects that complement existing and/or regional HHW programs in California. Grant applications must include one or more of the following types of projects:

HHW public education and outreach for general audiences (may include extended producer responsibility [EPR] information). Implementation of sustainable EPR collection opportunities, to include but not limited to:

(1) Promotion of an ongoing retail take-back program such as batteries or fluorescent lamps at local hardware stores, businesses, or government facilities. (2) Promotional collection events hosted at businesses or government facilities. (3) Promotional public education and outreach materials specifically for local retail take-back programs.

(4) Project to:

  • Determine and implement the most safe and cost effective methods for collecting propane gas cylinders and/or marine flares.

  • Implement effective education programs and identify effective incentives that reduce the disposal of household hazardous waste. The incentives must be something reusable to replace HHW being disposed (does not include monetary or SWAG incentives, rechargeable batteries, adapters, valves, caps or other accessories for refilling propane canisters).

(5) Set-up and operation of temporary or mobile collection program for one-day or multi-day collection events for the following except for those materials that are currently covered by another recycling/collection program (e.g. covered electronic waste, cell phones, thermostat, etc.):

  • Common HHW materials and universal waste.

  • Marine flares

  • Propane gas cylinders up to 5 gallons

  • Solar panels as a pilot project. Awardees are required to collect and report data on type/style of panels, manufacturer, volume, and the method of disposal.

(6) New or expanded curbside and/or door-to-door collection programs to allow for the collection of new and eligible HHW materials.

(7) Minor improvements to an existing HHW facility. (Examples include but are not limited to: storage bins, signage, painting, paving, shelving, etc.). Purchase of personal protection equipment.

(8) 8-hour refresher Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standards (HAZWOPER) training.

Projects that do not fall within one of these eight categories will not be eligible for grant funding.


Public Agency, Tribal Government

The grants are available to:

  • Local governments (cities, counties, and city and counties) that have direct responsibility for HHW management.

  • Regional or local sanitation agencies and waste agencies, having direct responsibility for HHW management.

  • Joint Powers Authorities (JPA) having direct responsibility for HHW management.

  • Qualifying Indian Tribes with direct responsibility for HHW management.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

June 30, 2022

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