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DOD Intensity-Squeezed Photonic Integration for Revolutionary Detectors (INSPIRED) Grants –Due 12/18

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Intensity-Squeezed Photonic Integration for Revolutionary Detectors (INSPIRED)


Department of Defense

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The principal objective of the Intensity-Squeezed Photonic Integration for Revolutionary Detectors (INSPIRED) program is the development of optoelectronic detector modules that integrate squeezed-light measurement techniques into form factors comparable to commercial photodetector modules, thereby achieving sensitivity significantly beyond the quantum shot-noise limit. Such “squeezed-light detectors” will be transformative in advancing squeezed-light quantum measurement beyond laboratory environments as practical, general-purpose detector components that can be employed in diverse optical systems. The superior sensitivity of squeezed-light detectors is expected to provide decisive quantum advantages in wide-ranging application domains such as active imaging; atomic sensing; navigation; microscopy; and communications.

Reaching this objective will likely entail broad innovation in materials, design, and fabrication in order to realize chip-scale photonic devices and circuits that can efficiently prepare, manipulate, and detect quantum states of light. Since such functions rely critically on ultra-low optical loss, an especially challenging aspect of the program lies in achieving low aggregate loss in complex, multi-component photonic circuits. Other challenges such as generating a high squeezing ratio (SR) in size- and power-constrained photonic devices, maintaining stable optical phase, and mitigating classical noise may also demand significant effort. Ultimately, producing photonic integration platforms with such features will not only enable INSPIRED detectors to measure weak signals with unprecedented sensitivity but will also have profound impact beyond the program in optical approaches to quantum computing. Note that while DARPA is primarily interested in program solutions that leverage integrated photonics, any approach that demonstrates a credible path to satisfying all metrics and goals stated herein will be considered for selection.


All responsible sources capable of satisfying the Government's needs may submit a proposal that shall be considered by DARPA.


December 18, 2023

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