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DOE Announces $67 Million to Enhance Manufacturing Competitiveness Through Innovation

EERE announced a $67 million funding opportunity to stimulate technology innovation, improve the energy productivity of American manufacturing, and enable the manufacturing of cutting-edge products in the United States. GMA is very familiar with this funding. Please contact us for a free consultation to see if your technology may be appropriate.

Projects selected under this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will aim to improve energy efficiency in energy-intensive processes and facilitate the transition to emerging, cost-competitive energy technologies in domestic production. EERE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) supports the development of technologies that improve energy efficiency in U.S. manufacturing as well as foundational, cross-cutting manufacturing processes, information, and materials technologies critical to efficient and competitive domestic manufacturing.

This FOA supports the Trump Administration’s priority to enhance manufacturing competitiveness through technological innovation by focusing on three main areas:

  1. Next-generation manufacturing processes that improve energy efficiency in energy-intensive and energy-dependent industries, including steel manufacturing;

  2. Modular, hybrid, or catalytic processes to improve energy efficiency in chemical manufacturing; and

  3. Connected, flexible, and efficient manufacturing facilities, products, and energy systems, including the integration of direct air capture at industrial facilities. 

DOE anticipates making up to 33 awards. Industry partners must provide at least 20% of the funding for new research and development projects. Concept papers are due June 25, 2020.

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