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DOE Announces Affordable Home Energy Shot™ to Reduce Residents' Decarbonization and Energy Costs

Opportunity Title:

Affordable Home Energy Shot™




The Affordable Home Energy Shot™ focuses on the research, development, and demonstration of clean energy solutions to decarbonize and to deliver energy and cost savings for affordable homes.

Energy Earthshots are the frontiers of the clean energy transition and areas where DOE has set bold goals to meet the biggest remaining research and development (R&D) challenges in next-generation clean energy technologies. The Affordable Home Energy Shot™ is the eighth and final DOE Energy Earthshot™, setting a bold target to reduce the cost of decarbonizing affordable homes by at least 50%, and decrease residents’ energy costs by at least 20% within a decade.

To achieve these goals, DOE is focused on building innovations in three pivotal areas: building upgrades, efficient electrification, and smart controls. DOE’s approach strives to advance scalable technologies and installation solutions for affordable-housing residents while expanding workforce capabilities at the state and local levels.

The success of the Affordable Home Energy Shot™ depends on close collaboration with key building partners. DOE plans to engage stakeholders from federal, state, and local governments, community groups, affordable housing providers, industry, and home energy practitioners. Through this Shot, DOE intends to promote a series of events to collect stakeholder input, foster greater coordination with key partners, and further align DOE activities with the needs and challenges of stakeholders working on affordable house retrofits.

Visit the Building Technologies Office website for updates and opportunities.

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