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DOE: Deploying Solar with Wildlife and Ecosystem Services Benefits $10M Available (Deadline 6/20/22)

Opportunity Title: Deploying Solar with Wildlife and Ecosystem Services Benefits

Opportunity Number: DE-FOA-002605


Topic Area 1: Wildlife-Solar Energy Interactions – 2-4 projects, $1-2M each Projects in this topic area will develop innovative methods or technologies for monitoring wildlife-solar interactions, maximizing benefits and mitigate adverse impacts on wildlife, or building data-sharing infrastructure regarding wildlife at solar energy facilities.

Topic Area 2: Ecosystem Services from Solar Facilities – 2-4 projects, $500,000-$2M each Projects in this topic area will characterize, quantify, and/or optimize the ecosystem benefits that solar energy facilities can provide, such as soil formation, pollination of food crops, and carbon sequestration. Projects will improve solar energy siting practices by developing models, tools, or methodologies for assessing the cost and value of these benefits in solar energy deployment decisions.

To facilitate the formation of teams, SETO is providing a forum where interested parties can add themselves to a Teaming Partner List, which allows organizations that may wish to apply to the FOA, but not as the prime applicant, to express interest to potential partners.


SETO seeks diverse teams of universities, federally funded research and development centers, nonprofits, community-based organizations, state agencies, local governments, and solar developers. Additionally, SETO encourages the participation of underserved communities and underrepresented groups.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $10M

Maximum Award: $2M

Minimum Award: $500K

Submission Details:

Concept Paper due 4/11/22

Application Deadline: 6/20/22

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