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DOE EERE (HFTO) FOA to Advance the National Clean Hydrogen Strategy – Concept Papers Due 01/26/24; Full Applications Due 03/22/24

Opportunity Title:

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office FOA to Advance the National Clean Hydrogen Strategy



Opportunity Number:



RDD&D activities to be funded under this FOA will support the government-wide approach to the climate crisis by driving the innovation that can lead to the deployment of clean energy technologies, which are critical for climate protection. Specifically, this FOA will support the goals of the H2@Scale Initiative which aims to advance affordable hydrogen production, transport, storage, and utilization to enable decarbonization and revenue opportunities

across multiple sectors. These objectives align with DOE’s Hydrogen Energy Earthshot TM (Hydrogen Shot) which targets affordable clean hydrogen production at $1/kg by 2031. Advancing technologies that will facilitate the use of clean hydrogen will support the goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.

HFTO supports a broad portfolio of RDD&D projects for materials, components,

and systems throughout the clean hydrogen value chain. These efforts are

advancing technologies for renewable hydrogen production, hydrogen storage,

hydrogen delivery and fueling infrastructure, and fuel cells (e.g., for MD/HD

transportation applications), among others. HFTO also conducts demonstrations

of systems in real-world operating conditions, including first-of-a-kind

demonstrations of integrated energy systems. To support deployment and

commercialization, HFTO supports a variety of enabling activities to advance

processes and technologies for manufacturing hydrogen and fuel cell

components and systems; improve supply chains and workforce capacity;

improve safety practices and awareness; enable the adoption of essential codes

and standards; and support partnerships and activities that ensure the economic

and environmental benefits of HFTO investments are available to disadvantaged


Topics Under this FOA:

Topic 1: Components for Hydrogen Fueling of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Topic 2: Standardized Hydrogen Refueling Station of the Future

Topic 3: Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powered Port Equipment

Topic 4: Enabling Permitting and Safety for Hydrogen Deployment

Topic 5: Equitable Hydrogen Technology Community Engagement


Domestic Entities

1. Institutions of higher education;

2. For-profit entities;

3. Nonprofit entities; and

4. State and local governmental entities and federally recognized Indian Tribes

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Per Topic:

Topic 1: $10,000,000

Topic 2: $30,000,000

Topic 3: $10,000,000

Topic 4: $6,000,000

Topic 5: $3,000,000

Maximum Award:

Topic 1: $3,000,000

Topic 2: $10,000,000

Topic 3: $4,000,000

Topic 4: $1,000,000

Topic 5: $1,000,000

Minimum Award:



Concept Papers Due January 26, 2024

Full Applications Due March 22, 2024

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