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DOE: Regional Initiative for Technical Assistance Partnerships (RITAP) – Due 01/30/24

Opportunity Title:

Regional Initiative for Technical Assistance Partnerships (RITAP)


Department of Energy

Opportunity Number:



Regional Initiative for Technical Assistance Partnerships (RITAP) to Advance Deployment of Basin-Scale Carbon Transport and Storage and Community Engagement, will establish partnerships comprised of stakeholders with extensive technical, managerial, regulatory and business expertise specific to carbon transport and storage that will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of multiple storage-based carbon management projects within a single geologic basin or sub-basin. Results of their efforts will provide a valuable public information resource for project developers, accelerating the socially equitable and environmentally responsible deployment of storage-based carbon management projects.


Domestic Entities :

  1. Institutions of higher education;

  2. For-profit entities;

  3. Non-profit entities; and

  4. State and local governmental entities, and Indian tribes nations.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



January 30, 2024

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