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DOT FY22-23 Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program (WCPP)

Opportunity Title:

Fiscal Years 2022-2023 Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program (WCPP)

Opportunity Number:



The primary goals of the WCPP are to save lives, prevent serious injuries, and protect motorists and wildlife by reducing WVCs, and improve habitat connectivity for terrestrial and aquatic species. Reduction of wildlife vehicle collisions and improvement of terrestrial and aquatic habitat connectivity are the primary merit criteria that will be used in reviewing applications, and each of the primary merit criteria are of equal importance.


Eligible Applicants for the WCPP are the following individual entities or a group of such eligible entities (23 U.S.C. 171(c)):1) A State DOT;2) An MPO;3) A unit of local government;4) A regional transportation authority;5) A special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function;6) An Indian Tribe; or7) An FLMA.

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 8/1/23

Grant Management Associates has years of experience in helping applicants apply for opportunities like this one. Contact us today for a consultation.

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