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FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Opportunity Title:

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) FEMA HMA programs present a critical opportunity to reduce the risk to individuals and property from natural hazards, while simultaneously reducing reliance on Federal disaster funds. On March 30, 2011, the President signed Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD-8): National Preparedness, and the National Mitigation Framework was finalized in May 2013. The National Mitigation Framework comprises seven core capabilities, including:

♦ Threats and Hazard Identification

♦ Risk and Disaster Resilience Assessment

♦ Planning

♦ Community Resilience

♦ Public Information and Warning

♦ Long-Term Vulnerability Reduction

♦ Operational Coordination

HMA programs provide funding for eligible activities that are consistent with the National Mitigation Framework’s Long-Term Vulnerability Reduction capability. HMA programs reduce community vulnerability to disasters and their effects, promote individual and community safety and resilience, and promote community vitality after an incident. Furthermore, HMA programs reduce response and recovery resource requirements in the wake of a disaster or incident, which results in a safer community that is less reliant on external financial assistance.


States, local communities and tribal governments

Award Details:

Project maximum is unspecified. $150,000 for a single jurisdiction plan, $250,000 for multi-jurisdiction plan.

Application Deadline:


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