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Forecasted-Increasing Utilization and Reliability Electric Infrastructure with Grid-enhancing Tech

Opportunity Title: Increasing Utilization and Reliability of Electric Infrastructure with Grid-enhancing technologies (GETs)

Opportunity Number: DE-FOA-0002948


In the February 2023 timeframe, the United States (U.S.) Department of Energy (DOE) intends

to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) seeking applications for financial

assistance awards that would support various Office of Electricity (OE) and other DOE

programs. This FOA would support the Department’s Building a Better Grid Initiative that will

catalyze the nationwide development of new and upgraded high-capacity electric transmission lines, making the United States’ power grid more resilient to the impacts of climate change, increasing access to affordable and reliable clean energy, and creating good-paying American jobs. This initiative is critical to reaching President Biden’s goal of 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and a zero-emissions economy by 2050.

If released, the FOA is expected to focus on a single Topic Area, Grid Enhancing Technologies

Demonstration at Scale, as described below:

This topic area would seek applications to carry out Research and Development (R&D) and

Demonstration activities to support the following FOA objectives:

• Demonstrate how DLR and/or PFC at scale can improve infrastructure utilization and


• Demonstrate how GETs can impact integration of renewable energy, particularly

demonstration of potentially synergistic technologies (e.g. wind with DLR).

• Demonstrate methodologies and procedures for integrating grid GETs (such as DLRs and

PFCs at a minimum) at scale into utility operations to improve efficiency, utilization, and

reliability of existing infrastructure.

• Assess the performance of GETs in the field and the reliability of such options in utilityspecific resource planning; the assessment should include how GETs relate to the full set

of solutions (demand response, storage, etc.) alongside traditional upgrades.

• Develop understanding of how GETs can be integrated into protection planning.

• Develop understanding of communication and network requirements and/or

specifications for different GETs.

• Develop new tools and/or enhance existing operational tools to improve the reliability

and response time for power line hosting capacity mapping.

• Collect sharable data in respect to the cost and installation of the GETs through the

installation and demonstration so that the benefits can be quantified, and data can be

accessed by industry.

• Understand how GETs can support the market mechanism of generation dispatch.

• Demonstrate how GETs has a financial impact on the reduction of energy cost and avoided



It is anticipated that an applicant’s project teams should, at a minimum, include (1) an electric utility or a system operating entity serving the area with the field demonstration, (2) a system planner relevant to the service territory of the demonstration, (3) a domestic GETs technology product provider, and (4) a domestic GETs technology developer. It is anticipated that the eligibility requirements will include the following in the FOA: (1) Electric Transmission Utilities, domestic GETs Technology Product Providers (manufacturer, vendor, or commercialization entity), domestic GETs Technology Developer (a university or research institution) may apply for funding as a prime recipient or as a sub-recipient; and (2) Other Federal agencies, instrumentalities and Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) are only eligible to be included as a sub-recipient.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $7.5M

Submission Details:

Anticipated Release: Feb 2023

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