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Forthcoming: Economic Development Initiative (EDI) - Community Project Funding Grants

EDI community project requests may be used for economic and community development activities, including land or site acquisition, demolition or rehabilitation of housing or facilities, construction and capital improvements of public facilities (including water and sewer facilities), and public services. Requests may also include planning and other activities consistent with the underlying authorization for the Community Development Block Grant program within HUD. EDI community project requests are not eligible for the reimbursement of expenses for activities already undertaken (including debt service or debt retirement). All projects must be:

  • Supported broadly by local stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and elected officials.

  • Administered by governmental or non-profit entities, including public housing agencies, as well as tribes and tribally designated housing entities.

Application Components:

  • General description of the project and why it is needed. EXAMPLE: For capital improvements, including roof repairs, accessibility alterations (installation of ramps and handrails, restroom alterations) and related equipment, labor and materials, within the County’s oldest senior services facility.

  • What are the benefits of this project and why is it a priority? NOTE: Benefits could include safety, environmental, economic, equity, mobility, etc. This description will not appear in the House report. EXAMPLE: These improvements will improve the health and safety of more than 350 seniors that rely on services provided through the center for supplemental meals and health services, as well as to meet requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As a result of a closure of a nearby community services facility within the County, improvements are necessary to address a recent increase in demand for elderly services and the need to expand the services available at this elderly services facility, which is in close proximity to County’s largest elderly housing development.

  • Amount requested for the community project and the total project cost.

  • Can the project obligate all appropriated funds within 12 months after enactment? If not, what would be the expected date of obligation?

  • Estimated start and completion dates.

  • Has the request been submitted to another Subcommittee or Committee this fiscal year? If yes, which one(s)?

  • Does the project have other public (federal, state, local) and/or private funds committed to meet match or cost-share requirements for costs related to construction, operations, and maintenance? If so, what is the source and amount of those funds? NOTE: The match requirements are defined in statute. While EDI projects do not have a match requirement, other projects associated with a larger development effort may.

  • Does the project require an environmental review? If so, what is the status and/or outcome of the environmental review and NEPA category of action (if applicable)?

  • Is the project primarily a service, new construction, rehabilitation, land or site acquisition, planning, or economic development project?

  • Does the project primarily benefit persons of low-income or tribal communities?

  • Does the project impact beneficiaries of HUD’s rental assistance programs (owners, public housing agencies, service providers, or tenants)?

  • Who are the community partners participating in this project?

  • If the project includes new construction or land or site acquisition activities, does it comply with local zoning requirements?

  • Is the project included or supported by an identified priority area within the community’s HUD Consolidated Plan? If yes, please provide a link to the plan.

  • Is the project intended to address issues related to climate change or resiliency, civil unrest, or inequities?

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