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Funding for light-duty electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

California Energy Commission (CEC) staff held a workshop to discuss funding concepts for light-duty electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The CEC’s Clean Transportation Program allocated $92.7 million in Fiscal Year 2020–2021 funding for light-duty EV charging infrastructure. About $74.8 million of that has been directed to the California Electric Vehicle Incentive Project (CALeVIP), leaving $17.9 million for other projects.

After review of public comments, staff plans three solicitations:

  • Electric vehicle charging to serve multiunit dwelling residents with a focus on disadvantaged and low-income communities and affordable housing. Applicants may propose a variety of models to serve these drivers. (about $8.5 million)

  • Electric vehicle charging that increases charging access in rural communities. (about $4.8 million)

  • Electric vehicle charging to serve transportation network company (TNC) drivers and potentially electric taxis, shuttles, and other shared vehicles, to promote and accelerate adoption of EVs by TNC drivers and other high-mileage vehicle drivers. (about $3.8 million)

Staff also plans to augment the BESTFIT solicitation (GFO-20-605) with about $800,000 to increase funding under this solicitation.

The funding levels are subject to changeif additional funding becomes available to support these market segments.CEC staff looks forward to engaging with stakeholders as the grant funding opportunities are developed and finalized.

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