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Georgia Pacific Foundation

Georgia Pacific Foundation

Deadline: None

Amount: Varies – Total annual giving $4.5 million

Eligibility: Government entities, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations located where company facilities operate: Antioch, San Leandro, Modesto, Madera, Fresno, Santa Fe Springs or La Mirada

The Foundation has identified the following key investment areas:


The focus is on the following areas: • K-12 public schools; • job readiness training; • teacher development; • literacy; and college scholarships.

Community Enrichment

The focus is on the following areas: • affordable housing; • arts and culture; • community and public safety; • employee volunteerism; and, • youth enrichment programs.


The focus is on the following areas: • clean air and water; • environmental education; • recycling; and, • resource conservation.


The focus is on the following areas: • youth entrepreneur education; and, • women and minority entrepreneur programs.

Types of support include: • project support; • sponsorships; and, • in-kind donations.

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