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Hazard Mitigation Assistance

2021 BRIC & FMA NOI Period Closes 9/20/2021

The Cal OES Community Portal is open and accepting Notices of Interest (NOI) for BRIC and FMA 2021. You must submit a NOI by September 20th, 2021 to be eligible. If your NOI is approved, your complete subapplication must be submitted to Cal OES by 11:59 PM on December 1, 2021, using the FEMA GO portal.

Please visit for more information, important due dates, and to submit a Notice of Interest (NOI) to be eligible for BRIC and/or FMA funding.

Along with FEMA’s NOFO guidelines, Cal OES recommends that subapplicants further consider the competitiveness of the BRIC program when proposing projects. Projects are most likely to be successful if they address one or more of the following:

  • High-impact, neighborhood scale, natural hazard risk reduction that mitigates risk to critical infrastructure or achieves whole community risk-reduction

  • Provide protection and benefits for disadvantaged communities

  • Address climate impacts including sea level rise, drought, extreme precipitation or heat, wildfire, and/or more frequent storms (where applicable)

    • Projects that advance climate adaptation, including through inspiring generational infrastructure change and/or by including one or more nature-based solutions (NBS) are particularly encouraged.

    • Where appropriate, subapplications should describe how the project will make the community more resilient to climate change.

  • Address and anticipate future conditions including those related to climate, demographic, population, and/or land use changes

    • Project details should include how future conditions were considered in the planning, design, and operation stages and how the project will help communities better respond to these conditions.

  • Include unique or innovative partnerships such as public-private partnerships

  • FEMA details 6 qualitative criteria in the Notice of Funding Opportunity. Subapplicants should explicitly address each in their scope of work.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Cal OES Hazard Mitigation Assistance at

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