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Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Through the Dept. of Energy Ride and Drive Electric.

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Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Through the Dept. of Energy Ride and Drive Electric

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The Biden Administration has laid out a bold agenda to modernize and transform the nation’s infrastructure, tackle the climate crisis, support good-paying American jobs, and ensure a just and equitable transition. Transportation is the sector that contributes most to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Transportation electrification has a key role to play in realizing all these outcomes and the Administration has established key targets to achieve by 2030:

1. Build an affordable, reliable, and convenient national network of 500,000

public EV charging ports.

2. Have EVs account for 50% of light-duty vehicle sales in the United States.

With more than 3 million EVs on the road and over 140,000 public charging

ports, the transition to electrified transportation is occurring rapidly. Federal

investments will accelerate this transition and catalyze additional private sector investment. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 alone, the Federal Highway Administration released $1.5 billion in funding under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program to begin the effort to electrify over 75,000 miles of the national highway system, the Federal Transit Administration awarded over $1.1 billion towards projects that will more than double the nation’s fleet of zero emission buses, and the Environmental Protection Agency announced $1 billion in funding for Clean School Buses after receiving unprecedented demand in funding applications. The actions build on well over $100 billion that the private sector has invested in EV, battery, and EV charging manufacturing in the United States to date.


Domestic Entities (Institutions of higher education, For-profit entities, nonprofit entities, state/local government entities, and Indian tribes); Foreign Entities

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Application Deadline:

Pre-Applications are due June 16, 2023

Full Applications are due August 25, 2023

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