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Maine Governor's Office: Community Resilience Partnership Energy Efficiency Priorities Grant (EEPG) – Due 02/16

Opportunity Title:

Community Resilience Partnership Energy Efficiency Priorities Grant


Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future (Department)

Community Resilience Partnership

Opportunity Number:



The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Priorities Grant is to distribute federal funds to disadvantaged communities in Maine for projects that improve energy efficiency and implement clean energy systems.

Grant awards will support energy efficiency, electrification, and clean energy

improvements to publicly owned property. Applicants may propose one or more activities from the following eligible categories and uses of these grant funds. Applicants are encouraged to combine multiple technologies in a proposal.

Eligible Categories:

a) Energy conservation and energy efficiency retrofits to existing, publicly owned buildings

b) Transportation electrification

c) Clean Energy and Distributed Energy Systems sited at or on public property and developed for purpose of increasing municipal energy efficiency

d) Public Engagement Activities that account for not more than 5% of the project budget

e) Administrative Activities that account for not more than 10% of the project budget

f) Ancillary equipment that is necessary for the installation of energy efficiency upgrades or that is necessary for the proper functioning and safety of systems, such as electric system upgrades and wiring upgrades required by electrical codes are considered an eligible use of funds. 

Please see the attached RFA for full details.


Individual Communities, defined as: A municipal government, Tribal Government, plantation,

township, or unorganized territory in Maine. A Group of Eligible Communities may apply jointly for projects that address mutual goals and have interrelated scopes of work.

To be eligible for the Energy Efficiency Priorities Grant, a community must be BOTH:

  • enrolled in the Community Resilience Partnership,


  • contain a census tract designated as Disadvantaged by the US EPA’s Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool (CEJST).

New construction, major structural improvements, and roof replacements are

not eligible uses of funds.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Minimum Award:



February 16, 2024

RFA 202312241 EEPG FINAL
Download DOCX • 517KB

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