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Marine Technology Institute - PRIME Ecosystem Fund. Due 11/15. $750K Available.

Opportunity Title:

PRIME Ecosystem Fund


The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) has established the PRIME Ecosystem Fund to distribute $5 million in federal grants approved through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The Pandemic Relief for an Innovative Maine Economy (PRIME) Ecosystem Fund is designed to support partner organizations in the Maine startup community. These dollars will help spur the development of projects/programs that directly address negative economic impacts of the pandemic and boost innovation in Maine's technology sectors.

The PRIME Ecosystem Fund seeks applicants from organizations creating projects/programs focused on addressing negative economic impacts of the pandemic and providing a catalyst for startup companies as they scale and grow in Maine. Organizations from outside Maine are eligible to apply, however all grant awards must be used for Maine-based projects/programs that benefit Maine entrepreneurs. The PRIME Ecosystem Fund is a competitive application process which requires matching co-investments on behalf of applicants.


Organizations not currently based in Maine are eligible to apply; however, all grant awards must be directed toward Maine-based projects/programs which benefit entrepreneurs in Maine. Applicants need to demonstrate how their project/program will address negative economic impact of the pandemic, support innovation, and provide a catalyst for startup companies as they scale and grow in the state.

Maximum Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

November 15, 2022

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