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NASA Engineering Empowerment: MUREP INCLUDES Program - LOI Due 05/05; Application Due 06/06

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


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MUREP INCLUDES coalitions endeavor to apply numerous approaches to expand the awareness and involvement of URMs in engineering with a focus on cultural competence. MUREP INCLUDES implements activities explicitly to heighten students' engineering skills; develops a pool of engineers in fields relevant to NASA; supports the design and deployment of new engineering courses and/or degree programs; infuses NASA content into engineering curriculum; provides authentic and diverse research experiences for students; enables educators to present engineering concepts and activities to students effectively; empower students into transitioning into engineering degrees through bridging programs, and capstone projects; and disseminates MSI-led coalitions successes through conference papers/journal/publication.

Finally, the various coalition projects seek to provide improved access for URMs in engineering fields, establish inclusive environments, deliver culturally diverse activities, and offer novel approaches to retain URMs in engineering degree pathways.



  • Public and state-controlled institutions of higher education

  • Private institutions of higher education


Award Details:

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Maximum Award:




LOI Submission Due May 06, 2024

Applications Due June 06, 2024



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