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National Science Foundation - Future of Semiconductors- Teaming for Co-Design Research Capacity.

Opportunity Title:

Future of Semiconductors - Teaming for Co-Design Research Capacity (FuSe)


The goal of this solicitation is to cultivate a broad coalition of researchers from across science and engineering communities to utilize a holistic, co-design approach to fundamental research and education and training, to enable rapid progress in new semiconductor technologies. Proposals are sought to support team-formation to articulate co-design visions for the future. Teaming grants are expected to support capacity building across the co-design platform, which positions investigators for future competitive larger research grants and possibly future center activity. Teaming grants can also support catalytic activities that foster stakeholder community networks to develop strategies that address the innovative co-design capacity of the U.S. for future semiconductors at the national research center level. Teaming grants prepares groups of complimentary researchers to respond to future calls for co-design research and potentially centers.

Initially, team formation is directed to the following three research areas identified for support in FY 2022 under this solicitation, as described in greater detail below:

· Collaborative Research in Domain-Specific Computing

· Advancing Function and Achieving High-Performance from Heterointegration

· New Materials for Energy Efficient, Enhanced-performance and Sustainable Semiconductor-based Systems


Limit on number of proposals per PI or co-PI description - An investigator may serve as PI or co-PI on only one proposal. In addition, they may serve as senior personnel on another proposal, for a total of at most two proposals submitted to this solicitation. If an investigator exceeds this limit, proposals received within the limit will be accepted based on the earliest date and time of proposal submission. The additional proposal submission(s) will be returned without review. This limitation includes proposals submitted by a lead organization and any subawards included as part of the proposal involving multiple organizations.

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

July 18, 2022

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