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NSF: 2022 Signals in the Soil - $13M Available (4/14/22)

Opportunity Title: 2022 Signals in the Soil

Opportunity Number: NSF 22-550


The Signals in the Soil (SitS) program fosters collaboration among the two partner agencies and the researchers they support by combining resources and funding for the most innovative and high-impact projects that address their respective missions. To make transformative advances in our understanding of soils, multiple disciplines must converge to produce environmentally-benign novel sensing systems with multiple modalities that can adapt to different environments and collect and transmit data for a wide range of biological, chemical, and physical parameters. Effective integration of sensor data will be key for achieving a better understanding of signaling interactions among plants, animals, microbes, the soil matrix, and aqueous and gaseous components. New sensor networks have the potential to inform models in novel ways, to radically change how data is obtained from various natural and managed (both urban and rural) ecosystems, and to better inform the communities that directly rely on soils for sustenance and livelihood.


Universities/Colleges, Non-profit, Non-academic Organizations, For-profit Organizations, State and Local Governments, Unaffiliated Individuals, Foreign Organizations, Other Federal Agencies

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $13M

Maximum Award: $1.2M

Minimum Award: $600K

Number of Awards Expected: 5-10

Submission Details:

Application Deadline: 4/14/22

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