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NSF Use-Inspired Acceleration of Protein Design (USPRD) Initiative – Due 08/30/24

Opportunity Title:

Ideas Lab: Use-Inspired Acceleration of Protein Design



National Science Foundation (NSF)


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The Use-Inspired Acceleration of Protein Design (USPRD) initiative will accelerate the translation of novel approaches to protein design and enable new applications of importance to the U.S. bioeconomy. Significant advances have been made in the ability of researchers to predict the three-dimensional (3D) structure of proteins from primary sequence, and to use that information to design proteins with desired characteristics. These advances have been enabled by: macromolecular modeling; training data available in repositories such as the Protein Data Bank (PDB); the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning; and high-throughput protein characterization. The improved accuracy of in-silico design has reduced the number of constructs that need to be validated in costly and time-consuming “wet lab” experiments.

USPRD aims to advance protein design and its applications to the next level by:

  1. Accelerating the use of protein design technologies to enable applications beyond human therapeutics, e.g., applications to advanced materials, biomanufacturing, agriculture and food security, environmental remediation, sustainability, and climate-related challenges.

  2. Extending the range of accurate prediction models to enable the design of enzymes and families of enzymes.



  • Foreign organizations

  • U.S.-based for-profit organizations

  • Federal Agencies and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs)

  • Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)

  • Tribal Nations

  • Non-profit, non-academic organizations: Independent museums, observatories, research laboratories, professional societies that are directly associated with educational or research activities

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



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Applications Due August 30, 2024



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