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Postponed Until the New Year: CA Forest Biomass to Carbon-Negative Biofuels Pilot Program Phase 2

Opportunity Title:

Forest Biomass to Carbon-Negative Biofuels Pilot Program Phase 2


CA Department of Conservation

Updated Release Info:

CA Department of Conservation does not plan to release the Phase 2 Solicitation in 2023, but will provide an update in the new year. 


The Department of Conservation received a $50M allocation in the Budget Act of 2022 (SB 154, CH. 43, SEC. 2.0) focused on creating carbon-negative hydrogen and/or liquid fuel from forest biomass coming from forest vegetation management within California's Sierra Nevada.

The impetus behind this program is to address serious and significant issues of forest health and wildfire risk in the Sierra Nevada, as well as to provide a model for sustainable rural economic opportunity combined with environmental health, fossil fuel replacement, community safety, forest resilience, carbon storage, and many other complementary co-benefits.


Project partners, contractors, subcontractors, offtake purchasers, and other roles may be filled by any public and/or private entity and/or individual.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


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