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Sea Otter Recovery Grants: Grant Applications Due September 1, 2020

The State Coastal Conservancy is now accepting applications for its 2021 Sea Otter Recovery Grants.

The grants will be funded by the California Sea Otter Fund, which is one of the state’s voluntary tax check-off funds that allows taxpayers to contribute additional money for use towards the recovery of California sea otter populations.

Public agencies and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for the grants. Eligible projects include research, science, protection, projects or programs related to the Federal Sea Otter Recovery Plan or improving the nearshore ocean ecosystem, including, but not limited to, program activities to reduce sea otter mortality. Each year, the Conservancy solicits proposals for the annual appropriation from the fund. This year the Conservancy has approximately $165,000 available for projects that meet the fund’s objectives. Applications are due September 1, 2020.

The application and more information is provided in the Sea Otter Recovery Proposal Solicitation.

For any further questions, please contact Hilary Walecka, Central Coast Project Manager, at

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