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Solar for All Public Workshop on August 22.

Opportunity Title:

Solar for All Public Workshop


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched the Solar for All grant competition in June 2023, funded through the federal Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF). Washington is eligible to apply for this competitive grant intended to support access to solar for low-income residents. Applications for this competition are due late September 2023 and the Department of Commerce plans to apply on behalf of Washington.

Commerce issued a Request for Information (RFI) in June 2023 to gather input on barriers and innovations in serving low-income and frontline populations with access to solar. Commerce intends to develop an application for the Solar for All grant using the RFI responses, the EPA funding announcement and Commerce’s experience with solar programs and grants.

Commerce Energy Office staff will provide an overview of the Solar for All competition at the public workshop, as well as share information on the RFI responses and the general concept the Energy Office is developing as part of its application. Commerce staff will request feedback from workshop attendees to better inform the final grant application and anticipates providing a method for written feedback. The workshop will be recorded and available on Commerce’s website.

Date & Time:

August 22, 2023

10 AM PT

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