• Kristin Cooper

Solicitation Notice for Structural Engineering Research Initiatives

The FHWA Office of Bridges and Structures has issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the Research Initiatives in support of Structural Engineering Programs. This BAA covers the following topics:

1. Educating Professionals for Practice in Highway Bridge Engineering

2. Bridge Post-Tensioning Training and Testing Center

3. Post-Tensioning (PT) Tendon Force Assessment for In-service Bridges

4. Material Innovations for Steel Bridge Members

5. Innovative Detailing and Fabrication for Steel Bridge Members

6. Risk-Based Methodology for Structural Evaluation of Bridge-Sized Culverts

7. Framework and Methodology for Risk-Based Bridge and Tunnel Asset Management

8. Modeling and Analysis Tools for Risk-Based Bridge and Tunnel Asset Management

9. Security and Safety of Bridges from Human-made Hazards

10. Safety Inspection and Evaluation of Bridges with FRP Composites

Please note that the deadline for concept papers is February 1st, 2021.

Questions on the BAA should be emailed to the Contracting Officer, Ms. Tamiko Aikens, at

View the DLA Blog for all the details.

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