Sustainable Transportation Equity Project Implementation Grant Solicitation things to consider.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is issuing two competitive solicitations for multiple grantees across the state under the Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP). STEP’s overarching purpose is to increase transportation equity in disadvantaged1 and low-income communities1 throughout California via two types of grants: Planning and Capacity Building Grants and Implementation Grants. Within these two grant types, CARB currently has up to $22 million of available funding for planning, clean transportation, and supporting projects.

STEP proposals require a significant amount of up-front work. The effort and expertise that Applicants invest in their proposals enables CARB to ensure that selected and funded projects are those that are most likely to address each community’s vision, help meet the State’s objectives, and achieve objectives that intersect across the climate, transportation, equity, and housing sectors. YOU MUST START THIS PROCESS NOW!

Funding recipients will be selected via an open competitive solicitation process. Proposals are due to CARB by email, mail, or in-person delivery no later than 5:00 pm (Pacific Time), August 31, 2020.

GMA can assist you with support on the following:

• Determining whether to apply for a Planning and Capacity Building Grant or an Implementation Grant

• Understanding the grant’s eligibility thresholds, scoring criteria, and other requirements and answering any questions that come up during proposal development

• Quantifying benefits

• Mapping the STEP Community

• Managing proposal development (e.g., tracking and meeting deadlines)

• Engaging community residents during proposal development

• Developing partnerships

• Reading through a final version of the proposal to ensure all required components are included and all eligibility thresholds are met.

We can provide more in-depth Implementation Grant applicant support with the following:

• Data tracking and reporting

Managing the projects (e.g., tracking and meeting deadlines, identifying and addressing challenges during project implementation)

• Working with community groups on inclusive and equitable community engagement and decision-making during the iterative design and implementation of the projects

• Developing and implementing the technical aspects of the projects

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