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Updates on CHIPS Manufacturing Incentives and R&D Funds

The CHIPS for America team has announced that later this month, the Department of Commerce plans to announce more details regarding funding opportunities and application processes:

  • In late February, the Department plans to release a Notice of Funding Opportunity for commercial leading-edge, current, and mature node fabrication facilities. This includes both “front-end” semiconductor manufacturers and “back-end” packaging facilities.

  • In late spring, the Department plans to release another funding announcement focused on material suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

  • In early fall, the Department plans to announce a funding opportunity to support the construction of semiconductor R&D facilities that will further strengthen the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem.

  • These announcements will contain detailed guidance, processes, and timelines for organizations to apply for CHIPS incentives.

  • This quarter, the Department of Commerce plans to release a vision and strategy paper for the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC). The NSTC will be a public-private consortium that will serve as the focal point for semiconductor research for the nation.

Visit to learn more about CHIPS for America. The website contains many helpful resources including webinars, the CHIPS Implementation Strategy, and the NSTC Update to the Community.

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