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USDA - Local Food Purchase Assistance Program (Deadline: 4/5/22)


The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will establish cooperative agreements with state and Tribal governments for the purpose of supporting local, regional, and socially disadvantaged farmers/producers through food purchasing under the “Build Back Better Initiative.” State and Tribal governments will purchase food from local and regional farmers/producers, targeting socially disadvantaged farmers/producers. These cooperative agreements will allow for entities to procure local, domestic foods that are unique to their geographic area and meet the needs of the populations. In addition to increasing local food consumption, funds are expected to help build and expand economic opportunity for local and socially disadvantaged farmers/producers.


Eligible entities include the State agencies, commissions, or departments that are responsible for agriculture, procurement, food distribution, emergency response or similar activities within the State. AMS will make only one award per State or territory; agencies within the State must coordinate if more than one agency wishes to implement this program. Awards to Tribal Governments are not considered a state agency award; additional awards will be made to Tribal Governments.

Closing Date for Applications: Apr 05, 2022

Total Program Funding: $400,000,000

Expected Number of Awards: 75

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