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USDA Rural Development: Rural Energy Pilot Program (REPP)

Opportunity Title: Rural Energy Pilot Program


The Rural Energy Pilot Program (REPP) offers grant assistance to Rural Energy Community Partnerships (RECPs) to develop renewable energy to help meet our nation’s energy needs and combat climate change while prioritizing environmental justice, racial equity, and economic opportunity


Eligible applicants to this program are Rural Energy Community Partnerships as defined in the REPP Notice of Funding Opportunity, Federal Register Notice.

REPP partnerships may be comprised of, but are not limited to:

  • Non-profit entities;

  • State and local entities;

  • Tribal entities;

  • Municipalities and other public bodies.

A REPP partnership must serve a rural community as specified in the REPP Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) published in the Federal Register. Visit our Eligibility site to search for eligible rural areas. Priority is given to distressed and high energy-burden communities, in which households spend a greater proportion of their income on energy costs compared to the average U.S. household.

Award Details:

Total Amount Available: $10M

Maximum Award: $2M

Term: 3 years

Submission Details:

Letter of Intent: 4/19/22

Application Deadline: 7/18/22

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