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ORGANIZATION NAME; Department of the Interior

PROGRAM NAME; Cooperative Watershed Management Program


DESCRIPTION; The objective of this FOA is to invite established watershed groups comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders, which have completed a watershed restoration plan, and are capable of promoting the sustainable use of water resources to submit proposals for watershed management projects under Phase II of the CWMP. Funding provided under this FOA may be used to implement on-the-ground watershed management projects, collaboratively developed by members of a watershed group, that will address critical water supply needs, water quality concerns, and restoration needs, helping water users meet competing demands and avoid conflicts over water. A “watershed group,”as defined in Section 6001(5) (see Section A.2. Statutory Authority for full citation) of the Cooperative Watershed Management Act is a grassroots, non-regulatory entity that addresses water availability and quality issues within the relevant watershed, is capable of promoting the sustainable use of water resources in the watershed, makes decisions on a consensus basis, and represents a diverse group of stakeholders, including hydroelectric producers, livestock grazing, timber production, land development, recreation or tourism, irrigated agriculture, the environment, municipal water supplies, private property owners, Federal, state and local governments, and tribes. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving stream channel structure and complexity;

  • Improving channel/floodplain connectivity;

  • Protecting and stabilizing stream and riverbanks;

  • Reducing erosion;

  • Improving water delivery systems to increase efficiency or other projects to address water supply needs;

  • Providing fish passage;

  • Removing invasive species and restoring vegetation;

  • Influencing water temperature or improving the timing or volume of available flows at particular locations to improve aquatic conditions; and

  • Other watershed management projects that will address water supply needs, water quality concerns, and restoration needs in the watershed.

AVAILABLE FUNDING; $2,000,000.00



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