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January 25, 2018

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July 8, 2019



No application fees, points, or hidden costs


Eligible Applicants: Only the following entities are eligible for these funds:


Cities, Counties, Special Districts, Public Colleges or Universities, and Public Care Institutions / Public Hospitals



Interest Rate

1% Loans


Need help complting this application?  Please contact us - we have completed many yers of successful contracts.


Non-profit entities, residential, and commercial projects are not eligible for these funds.



Examples of Eligible Projects:

  • Lighting systems

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment

  • Streetlights and LED traffic signals

  • Energy management systems and equipment controls

  • Pumps and motors

  • Building envelope and insulation

  • Energy generation, including renewable energy and combined heat and power projects

  • Water and waste water treatment equipment

  • Load shifting projects, such as thermal energy storage

Projects which are already installed are ineligible.



  • The maximum loan amount is $3 million (please see PROJECT CRITERIA for additional information). There is no minimum loan amount.

  • The interest rate is fixed at 1% for the term of the loan.

  • A loan applicant with an existing ECAA loan may apply for an additional loan if additional funding becomes available, and when the applicant’s existing loan project is complete.

Before applying, please contact the Energy Commission for the most current funding information. This is a revolving loan fund and repayments from previously approved loan awards replenish the fund balance.

Approximately $8 Million in loan funding is expected to be available during Fiscal Year 2018-19. The Energy Commission reserves the right to:

  • Increase the amount of funds available under this loan notice when additional loan funds become available.

  • Add funding sources under this loan notice if and when additional funding sources become available.


Funding Source

Loans funded under this loan notice originate from the Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA).


Loan Security Requirements

A promissory note and a loan agreement between the applicant and the Energy Commission are required to secure the loan.


Disbursement of Loan Funds

Loan funds are available on a reimbursement basis. For each reimbursement request, receipts and invoices for incurred expenses must be submitted along with proof of payment. The final 10 percent of the funds will be retained until the project is completed and the applicant submits the project final report. Interest is charged on the unpaid principal balance of the loan computed from the date of each disbursement to the borrower.


Repayment Terms

  • Loans must be repaid from energy cost savings or other legally available funds within a maximum term of 20 years (including principal and interest).

  • The amortization of the loan and repayment schedule will be based on the number of years needed to repay the loan (principal and interest) using an estimate of the energy cost savings during the first year after project completion. Energy cost savings are based on applicable tariff and operating schedules at the time the loan application is submitted.

  • The loan repayment term cannot exceed the effective useful life of the loan-funded equipment.

  • Applicants will be billed twice a year, in June and December, after the project is completed.

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