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Once in a Generation Grant Opportunity


$65 billion in broadband grants are available over the next three years to a multitude of different applicants in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to strengthen the nation’s broadband system.


GMA Recent Broadband Grants


GMA has recently completed broadband grant applications for projects totaling some $160 million.


This includes broadband middle mile, last mile, fiber, satellite, microwave wireless and undersea cable for two tribes, a telecommunications company and a Fortune Ten corporation’s utility subsidiary.


Prepare in Advance to Apply


GMA currently has several broadband contracts with entities wishing to apply for known future broadband grant applications. 


It is important to prepare the groundwork and do the advanced “homework” needed for such broadband applications. Don’t wait until the last minute when these grant opportunities are issued. 


GMA is currently assisting with such preparation for a county government, a remote tribe and a utility electric coop with an ISP, among others. 


Most upcoming broadband grant opportunities have known common elements that will be required on any broadband grant application.

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