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Extensive research is required when identifying state or federal funding for sector specific projects. This effort should be tracked, prioritized and any contact with the agency should be recorded. There are many important steps an applicant should take both before submitting an application, during the application process and following the submission of a proposal. You need to research appropriate funding organizations. For example, California recently launched a grant portal website at: There are many others, as well.

How GMA Finds Your Grant Opportunities

Grant Management Associates subscribes to key search engines, is registered with over two hundred federal and state agencies to receive timely grant alerts, has key contacts in federal and state agencies, plus in-house experienced GMA grant research specialists who know how to find opportunities that fit your unique funding needs.

Grants are not the only source of funding. There are low interest loans, tax incentives, subsidies, and other sources. We know how to find these, too.



GMA’s Legendary Funding Matrix

GMA has developed and refined over the years a funding matrix that is often the starting point for many clients. This matrix is for those who have an interest in an overall understanding of funding opportunities available to meet their needs. For GMA to do this funding matrix is actually not very expensive and can often be done in two weeks or less.

This interactive Excel spreadsheet is a living document with key information on available funding amounts, deadlines, and other key requirements you would want to know that allows Boards of Directors, C-level Executives, Managers and your in-house funding staff to quickly ascertain the funding opportunities that exist, and GMA puts together a suggested funding strategy from this information.

GMA can update this document monthly with new opportunities, if desired. Unless you have a specific grant or other funding opportunity in mind that you have identified and want to apply for - this funding identification may be a good place to start.

  • Identify potential funders

  • Determine an approach, scope of work that is appropriate for each funder

  • Identify strategy to reach out to funder

  • Cultivate relationships with these organizations via phone calls, visits, and/or letters of inquiry

  • Provide funding organization with a well-written proposal that states your objectives and sets forth a plan and budget for your activities

  • Don't expect to receive money on the first try or right away

  • Be patient; funding organizations often take many months to review and process grant applications

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