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GMA does not just write grants. We often start with a Key Considerations Analysis that takes a deeper dive into the grant and its requirements and the realistic chances for our client to win. 

Key Considerations Analysis

Sometimes this Key Considerations Analysis leads us to recommend a no-go on this one, saving you the agony and cost of applying for a grant or other funding opportunity and losing. There is a reason GMA has an almost 90% winning percentage on grant applications since 2009.

Grant Application Management

When GMA does a go forward on a grant application for a client, we utilize a project management software called ASANA that is user friendly. GMA breaks out all the key parts of the grant requirements with assignments and deadlines and regular planned communications with the client who sometimes have a role in the grant application. You are invited by email to join the project and this software gives you an overview of the status of the grant application at a glance at any time.

Grant Reviews

GMA can also do a high level review of a grant application you have written, or take a deeper dive and do a more comprehensive editing and technical assistance review.

Grant Operations Consulting

GMA does fundraising seminars and webinars for fundraising staff such as at a city, and even does a comprehensive review of your own in-house fundraising operation with the goal of positively improving your own fundraising efforts even more.

Grant Management Associates has extensive experience in managing local, state, and federal grant contracts. We have worked with many public and private clients including Alameda County, Riverside County, Town of Portola, Association of Bay Area Governments, City of Chico, El Dorado County, State of Colorado, Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park, Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum, California State University, Fresno and Chico, and Chevron Energy Solutions, among others, from a variety of federal, state and private sources. 


Kristin Cooper has been an expert witness for the State of California’s Attorney General’s office regarding fiscal management issues and GMA is a subject matter expert for the U.S. Justice Department on grant fiscal responsibility.

Technical Grant Expertise

GMA draws from its team of now twenty-seven grant experts who do technical grants, with each of our team members having specialties in specific areas providing a depth of experience unmatched by other firms.

These grant writers are hand picked and work out of their homes all over the country – literally from Maine to California. Some of these grant writers have over two and three decades of experience. This low overhead model allows GMA to be price competitive, have no negative issues with Covid-19, and our flatter management structure allows us to be nimble. GMA is there for you when you need us and gone when you don’t.

GMA’s Founder

Overseeing this effort is GMA’s founder, former engineering Professor Kristin Cooper who also has a master’s degree in program administration with over twenty-five years’ experience in designing programs as a grant writer and program manager, including running a university’s grant efforts for five Colleges.

Why Hire a Grant Firm?

Many companies, government entities and nonprofit foundations have the in-house talent to do grant applications. Often, they choose to outsource this work. One reason is putting together a grant is a lot like writing your most difficult term paper in college. 

Some technical grant applications can be over one hundred and even two hundred pages long. It requires uninterrupted focus and concentration to do it well. But most people have their day jobs with constant phone calls, meetings and other interruptions that makes trying to write a grant a go-stop-go-stop-go-stop, not too effective process.

Often grants are undertaken on short notice and near the grant deadline. Trying to meet a screaming grant deadline is like trying to write that same difficult term paper – but during finals week. Last year on short notice GMA won a $2 million grant, the highest award possible, for a utility scale solar project. This grant application had twenty-two forms, many of them highly technical. 

GMA has great technical expertise. The better choice and the better outcome may be to outsource it to GMA and work together to win the funding you need.

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