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Your firm can now offer Grant Services through an alliance with GMA

Many firms offer grant-related services for their clients and partners through an alliance with Grant Management Associates (GMA)

Grant funding is a fantastic means by which to create or expand business.  There are grant opportunities in all sectors of the economy with an equally diverse target of benefits that they are interested in achieving such as creating jobs, protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption and pollution, advancing the state of the art in various sectors, and developing, demonstrating and deploying new technologies. 

Grants can provide capital funding that does not need to be repaid and will not require equity in a private company, and grants are often times willing to fund projects that have a higher risk than the private market is willing to fund.  Grants are available for all kinds of organizations, including for-profit companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools of all levels, national laboratories, and collaborations between these groups. Grants can fund activities such as establishing or expanding manufacturing facilities, developing workforce training programs, developing or advancing clean or emerging technologies, and many others.

Through our alliance with GMA, we can now offer an array of grant-related services to our clients and partners, including: funding opportunity research and analysis; collaborative project development; application project management; grant writing, editing and review; partnership facilitation, negotiation and collaboration documentation including MOU’s or agreements; development of supporting documentation such as business plans, support letters, financial or market projections, market and competition or industry research, process flowcharts or other graphic aids; document printing, delivery and submission; and, post-award grant management and reporting.

Founded in 2009, headquartered in California and run by Kristin Cooper Carter, a former professor and grants manager at California State University, Chico, and with a team of approximately 20 grant professionals across the nation, GMA can bring to your team decades of grant experience and technical knowledge in diverse sectors including manufacturing, advanced materials, education, workforce and economic development, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative fuels and vehicles, healthcare and medical technologies, communications, cybersecurity, emergency response and disaster recovery, housing and community development, transportation infrastructure, mobility programs, and many other areas.  GMA can also provide grant-related training or workshops for your staff to increase your organization’s internal capacity to apply for grants on your own.  We also have clients that can partner with you on grant applications where you would like us to provide any of the services we offer as a part of the proposed grant-funded project. 

If you are interested in potential grant funding opportunities or grant-related services that could benefit your business or organization, we encourage you to contact Kristin Cooper Carter directly at (530) 228-9235 or by email. You can learn more about GMA’s background, team, skills, case studies and clients at the GMA Website.

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