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CA Dept. of Health Care Services DHCH BHBH Program Tribal Entities RFA. Opens 7/6 and is due 9/15.

Opportunity Title:

DHCS BHB Program Tribal Entities RFA


Capital funding has recently been made available through several other state programs including the Homekey Tribal Program; the Tribal Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program (Tribal HHAP); the Community Care Expansion (CCE) Program; and the Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program (BHCIP). In contrast, BHBH Program funding is primarily intended to support the operational costs of bridge housing that is provided in conjunction with supportive mental health and SUD services. A Tribal entity can implement bridge housing in a variety of settings that may be either directly leased/owned by the Tribal entity or a partnership in which the Tribal entity acts as the lead. All BHBH programs must meet BHBH Program requirements described in this RFA and attachments within the funding timeline.

The primary focus of the BHBH Program is to help people experiencing homelessness who have either SMI or SUD that prevents them from accessing help and moving out of homelessness. Applicants will be expected to clearly demonstrate how they will reach their populations that are most in need of the BHBH Program.

BHBH Program funding is being made available through three RFAs, of which this is the second. The first round of funding, released in winter 2022-23, was open to county behavioral health agencies (BHAs). The third funding round, which will provide $500 million in competitive funding to eligible Tribal entities and county BHAs, will be released in winter 2023-24. Tribal entities that are awarded a grant through this current, Tribal entity-only second round will also be eligible to apply for funding in the third round.


Tribal Government

Award Details:


Application Deadline:

September 15, 2023

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