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CA – Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant – Due 10/31

Opportunity Title:

Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant


Opportunity Number:

Portal ID:45614


The Equity, Engagement, and Education (EEE) Grant Account will award grants up to $200,000 for the purposes of building CBO, Tribal, and community capacity to understand and engage with CPUC decision-making processes. This will enable CBOs and Tribes to have more influence over clean energy programs and support making these programs more accessible to their served communities.

Successful applicants for the EEE Grant Account will have a demonstrated background in advocating for their Tribe or community. Eligible activities for the EEE Grant Account will include: Community engagement and outreach related to CPUC proceedings. Hiring consultants and staff for activities necessary for active participation in decision-making processes at the CPUC. Education, training, and curriculum development regarding CPUC processes, proceedings, and programs. Partnership and coalition development to bring greater awareness of CPUC matters to disadvantaged communities. Grant applications will be accepted in two cycles, the windows for which will be set by CPUC staff. The EEE Grant Account is a competitive grant. Please refer to E&A Grant Program webpage for the most current grant timelines:

Eligibility: Nonprofit, Other Legal Entity, Tribal Government

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:



October 31, 2023

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