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CA Strategic Growth Council - Regional Climate Collaboratives Program Round 1. Due: 7/15.

Opportunity Title:

Regional Climate Collaboratives Program Round 1


The Regional Climate Collaboratives (RCC) Program is a new capacity building grant program for underresourced communities. RCC funds community-rooted and cross-sectoral partners to deepen their relationships and develop the processes, plans, and projects that will drive and sustain climate action. The goal of the program is to strengthen local coordination, leadership, knowledge, skills, and expertise with a particular focus on increasing access to funding resources for project planning and implementation within under-resourced communities. RCC was designed to serve both emerging and established Collaboratives across the state, so Applicants can tailor their proposals based on their size and community context. RCC grant terms are three years.


California Native American Tribes, Community-based organizations, Joint powers authorities, Local government agencies, Nonprofits and foundations, Small businesses.

Other organizations with a history of providing community-based outreach or TA. These organizations may look different depending on each Applicant’s local and regional context. It is up to Applicants to determine which organizations play this role in their community. Possible examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

• Academic institutions

• Community Choice Aggregates

• Faith-based organizations

• Farming cooperatives and land trusts

• Neighborhood associations

• Resource conservation districts

• Tribal-serving organizations

Total Amount Available:


Application Deadline:

Pre-Proposal must be submitted by July, 15, 2022. Submitting a Pre-Proposal is not required but is strongly recommended for all RCC Applicants.

Full Application must be submitted by October 7, 2022.

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