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CalRecycle Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Clean Up and Abatement Grant Program – Due 04/02/24

Opportunity Title:

Farm and Ranch Solid Waste Clean Up and Abatement Grant Program


CalRecycle (Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery)

Opportunity Number:



The Farm & Ranch Solid Waste Clean Up & Abatement Grant program offers financial support to address the cleanup & prevention of illegal dumping on properties designated for agricultural purposes, as defined in California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section 17991(d). Each FY, there are 4 application cycles, & this is the fourth cycle. CalRecycle administers this program in accordance with Section 48100 of the Public Resources Code.

The project sites eligible for the grant must be located on 'farm and ranch' property, encompassing both private and public land, where the owner is not held responsible for the illegal disposal. The definition of 'farm and ranch' property can be found in the Eligible Geographies section below. Grantees are given approximately two years to complete the project(s). The sites should be fully remediated (cleaned up) using grant funds, or a combination of grant funds and in-kind contributions in terms of funds or services. The funding covers various costs, including Administrative, Recycling/Disposal (tires), Equipment, Material, and Personnel expenses. If necessary, measures for abatement and prevention, such as site security and public education/outreach efforts, should also be addressed. The program encourages innovative approaches.

Since this is the fourth/last cycle of FY23-24, the pilot program is an option allowing for less documentation to be submitted upfront (essentially only requiring an estimate of expenses/sites). The remaining documentation will need to be provided later.


  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government

  • Cities

  • Counties

  • Resource Conservation Districts

  • Federally recognized Native American Tribes [as defined in PRC Section 48100(d)(1)]

Award Details:

Maximum Award:



April 02, 2024

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