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CEC Large-Scale Centralized Clean Hydrogen Production (H2CENTRAL) – Application Due 06/03/24

Opportunity Title:

Large-Scale Centralized Clean Hydrogen Production (H2CENTRAL)



California Energy Commission (CEC)


Opportunity Number:




The purpose of this solicitation is to fund projects that advance the demonstration and deployment of clean hydrogen production, storage, delivery, and end use in California.

Hydrogen can serve as a zero-carbon energy carrier and act as a potential replacement for fossil fuels in hard-to-electrify applications, particularly for the transportation, industrial, and electricity generation sectors. For the purposes of this solicitation, clean hydrogen is defined as hydrogen produced from water using eligible renewable energy resources, as defined in Public Utilities Code 399.12, or produced from these eligible renewable energy resources.

To achieve sustainable wide-scale deployment, hydrogen must be produced cleanly at increased scale and reduced cost. This solicitation aims to reduce the cost burden of clean hydrogen production through large-scale, centralized production coupled with storage, delivery, and pre-determined offtakers to support a comprehensive hydrogen value chain. Expected outcomes include the development and deployment of low-carbon, cost-competitive hydrogen production from renewable energy sources and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in hard-to-electrify sectors.



  • Business

  • Individual

  • Nonprofit

  • Public Agency

  • Tribal Government

  • Other Legal Entity


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Applications Due June 03, 2024



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