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Coming Soon: CAL FIRE Business and Workforce Development Grant Solicitation; Draft Comments Due 01/12; Applications Due 03/08

Opportunity Title:

Business and Workforce Development Grant Solicitation




This grant program supports increasing the pace and scale of forest fuels management by expanding capacities of businesses that work in removing and utilizing forest fuels, fire reintroduction, and reforestation of forests degraded by overcrowding, drought, pest infestation, and catastrophic fire. Grant projects must, either directly or indirectly, facilitate greenhouse gas emission reductions and further the purposes of AB 32 and related statutes.

Two project types are eligible for grant funding: business development and workforce

development in California. Research proposals that have the potential to facilitate an

immediate benefit to California’s forest-sector businesses and/or workforce will also be

considered. Projects may include planning, organizational and business capacity building, and workforce and infrastructure development as components of proposed projects.

Preferred Projects are projects that the Wood Products Team has identified as currently strategic in advancing the forest sector. Proposals incorporating preferred projects may receive additional consideration. The following are preferred project categories as of the date of this publication:

a. Establishment and/or expansion of wood utilization infrastructure in regions of California where capacity is currently lacking (e.g., Southern California, Central Coast, Southern Sierras, Eastside Sierras).

b. Businesses with sustained intake of 20+ bone dry tons per day of burned logs within 3 months of executing grant agreements.

c. Businesses that provide in-woods fuels reduction operations and associated workforce training.

d. Trucking operations and associated workforce training.

e. Wood-processing facilities operations and associated workforce training.

f. Projects that connect forest-industry businesses with each other and with workers.

To comment on the draft guidelines document, please email by January 12, 2024, with the subject line "Grant Guidelines Public Comment" to ensure your comments are received and reviewed.


This is a general list of eligible applicants. For proposal-specific eligibility requirements, please see the Draft Guidelines.

a) Academic institutions

b) Local agencies, including counties, cities, and special districts

c) State agencies

d) Federal agencies

e) Native American tribes

f) Non-profit organizations

g) Private entities including businesses, foundations or others not listed above

Award Details:

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:

Business Development: $1,000,000

Workforce Development: $500,000

Business-Research and Development: $500,000

Minimum Award:



Deadline to Comment: January 12, 2024

Expected Application Window: January 15, 2024 - March 8, 2024

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