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Coming SOON Dept of Health: Sample Transportation System in Cameroon under PEPFAR

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Building an Effective, Robust and Sustainable Integrated Sample Transportation System in Cameroon under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)


Department of Health and Human Services

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This NOFO will support an integrated laboratory sample referral and transport system for HIV, TB, and other emerging public health concerns. It seeks to ensure optimal turnaround time of results, provide improved quality laboratory testing services for clients supported by PEFPAR, promote sustainability of an optimized diagnostic network, and strengthen laboratory health systems in Cameroon.

Routine viral load (VL) monitoring continues to be scaled up across the country to reach all eligible clients on treatment, considering alternate specimen collection modalities, such as dried blood spots (DBS), and cold chain infrastructure. Monitoring key quality performance indicators of the developed and implemented national integrated sample referral system will be critical. To aid with monitoring turnaround time, sample quality, and effective use of the implemented system, laboratory information systems (LIS) will also be strengthened at high-volume testing sites to maximize impact.

Through this NOFO, national capacity will be strengthened for transportation and referral of samples for laboratory testing services and return of results for HIV, TB, and emerging infectious diseases. This NOFO will also support tailored laboratory waste management strategies and transport networks for the safe and efficient transport of waste generated from molecular testing reference laboratories for safe disposal and to minimize environmental impact.


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