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Coming Soon: Dept. of Water Resources - Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM)

Opportunity Title:

Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM) Grant Program's SGMA Implementation Round 2


The Legislature has provided $202.5 million to DWR for SGMA Implementation activities, that includes planning and implementation projects. DWR will solicit proposals to award funding through a competitive application basis for tasks and activities that help the basins reach sustainability through investments in groundwater recharge and/or projects that prevent or clean up contamination of a groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water. Tasks and activities can also include updating/revising/modifying a GSP(s) or Alternative Plan. Eligible applicants are GSAs, member agencies of GSAs, and agencies with an Alternative to a GSP. All applicants must be within a medium or high priority basin with a GSP or Alternative to a GSP. Basins that were adjudicated after January 1, 2015 (or are in the process of adjudicating after January 1, 2015) or considered probationary under SGMA by the State Water Resources Control Board at or after the time of application submittal are also eligible for funding. Those applicants located within basins that adjudicated prior to January 1, 2015 are not eligible to apply for or receive grant funding. The project area and service area must be within the most current DWR Bulletin 118 basin that is designated as medium or high priority, including COD basins, by the latest SGMA Basin Prioritization at the time of application submittal.


Nonprofit, Public Agency, Tribal Government

Any applicant that is not a GSA, member agency of a GSA, or an agency with an Alternative to a GSP MUST provide letters of support indicating that they are applying on their behalf and that the work proposed is fully supported by the GSA they represent. The applicant must meet the definition of a local public agency, nonprofit, or Tribe as defined in the 2021 Guidelines and PSP found at:

Total Amount Available:


Anticipated Open Date:

September 2022

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