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Dept. of Health and Human Services - Strategic Prevention Framework: Partnerships for Success.

Opportunity Title:

Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success

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The purpose of this grant program is to help reduce the onset and progression of substance misuse and its related problems by supporting the development and delivery of state and community substance misuse prevention and mental health promotion services. The SPF-PFS program is grounded in the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a community engagement model grounded in public health principles, including being data-driven, and focused on providing evidence-based services to high-risk underserved communities. SPF-PFS grant recipients focus on strengthening state and community-level prevention capacity to identify and address local substance use prevention concerns, such as underage drinking, marijuana, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, opioids, and heroin. Using local, state, and national substance use public health data, recipients will identify prevention priorities in their communities, and develop and implement strategies to prevent the misuse of substances and promote mental health and well-being among youth and adults. Recipients will utilize a data-driven approach to identify underserved communities and at-risk sub-populations of focus.


Eligible applicants are domestic public and private nonprofit entities, which may include but is not limited to states, territories, jurisdictions, communities, community-based organizations, federally recognized Tribes and Tribal organizations, and Urban Indian Organizations.

Total Amount Available:


Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

June 13, 2022

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