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Dept. of Justice - Community Policing Development: Innovations in Recruitment and Hiring.

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Community Policing Development: Innovations in Recruitment and Hiring


The recruitment and selection of the best law enforcement candidates who represent a diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences is essential to building trust, collaboration, and transparency with the community. However, the ability of law enforcement agencies to recruit and select eligible candidates presents a challenge in a climate where policing is not seen by some as an appealing career. With retention of officers at an all-time low, and retirements on the rise, it is important for agencies to understand how to implement best practices most effectively regarding the recruitment and selection of officers.

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) Survey on Police Workforce Trends (2021) indicates reductions in hiring and retention within law enforcement agencies nationwide. According to PERF, agencies reported an 18 percent increase in resignations and a 5 percent reduction in hiring. Additionally, the report notes that a significant number of retirements has also impacted law enforcement agencies, reporting a 45 percent increase in the retirement rate. Employing new and innovative practices to recruitment and selection will be critical to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, that has strong analytical and problem-solving skills, good communication skills, are adaptable and understands agency policies and procedures – a workforce which is essential to maintaining a safe and thriving community.

Through the FY22 Innovations in Recruitment and Hiring - Community Policing Development Solicitation, the COPS Office will provide funding to an organization to develop recruitment and hiring resources (videos, toolkits, publications, podcasts, etc.) that can be shared with the broader law enforcement field and provide technical assistance to help law enforcement agencies, in particular those funded through the COPS Hiring Program (CHP), implement improvements to increase their capacity to attract and select the best candidates and develop creative and engaging opportunities to market policing positions and expand the pool of potential applicants for their agencies.


For-Profit (Commercial) Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Institutions of Higher Education, Community Groups, and Faith-Based Organizations.

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Application Deadline: Application Deadline: June 21, 2022

JustGrants Application Deadline: June 23, 2022

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