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Dept. of Justice - Community Policing Development: Tolerance, Diversity, and Anti-Bias Training.

Opportunity Title:

Community Policing Development: Tolerance, Diversity, and Anti-Bias Online Training


Law enforcement can rarely solve significant crime and disorder problems alone, and stakeholder engagement is critical to success. A key mechanism to ensuring improved trust and effective engagement is providing high quality, interactive training for law enforcement on police-community interactions. Law enforcement training on tolerance, anti-bias, diversity, and cultural awareness will help law enforcement agencies improve community engagement, increase trust, and enhance collaborative problem-solving efforts.

The FY22 Tolerance, Diversity, and Anti-Bias Training - Community Policing Development Solicitation has one open solicitation, with two subcategories:

  • Tolerance, Diversity, and Anti-Bias TrainingThe COPS Office seeks an applicant to deliver an in-person tolerance, diversity, and anti-bias training program that encompasses cultural sensitivity components such as respect, acceptance, and appreciation of different groups’ identities (ethnic, racial, sexual orientation and gender); cultural diversity; and law enforcement interaction with people with disabilities, people with mental illnesses, and English language learners. The applicant should also plan to develop an online version of their in-person course for deployment in the COPS Training Portal. The applicant should be an organization with an existing state or nationally certified curricula in this area and well-established experience in training law enforcement personnel and criminal justice professionals.

  • Tribal Cultural Awareness Training and Technical AssistanceThe COPS Office seeks an applicant to develop an in-person training applicable to both tribal and nontribal law enforcement agencies that should cover the basics of both tribes and tribal history in conjunction with supplemental materials that cover tribal and regional or local components for the specific area that is being trained and the local tribes in that area. This training program should encompass sensitivity components such as tolerance, ethnic and racial bias, and cultural diversity.


Public Government Agencies, Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and their Public Agencies, For-Profit (Commercial) Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Institutions of Higher Education, Community Groups, and Faith-Based Organizations.

Total Amount Available:


  • Subcategory 1: $1,700,000 – Tolerance, Diversity, and Anti-Bias Training

  • Subcategory 2: $300,000 – Tribal Cultural Awareness Training and Technical Assistance

Application Deadline: Application Deadline: June 21, 2022

JustGrants Application Deadline: June 23, 2022

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