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DOE Accelerated Research in Quantum Computing – Due 05/08/24

Opportunity Title:

Accelerated Research in Quantum Computing



Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Science (SC)


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The 2023 Basic Research Needs Workshop in Quantum Computing and Networking identified several priority research directions (PRDs); this FOA targets end-to-end software toolchains to program and control quantum systems and networks at scale (PRD1), quantum algorithms delivering quantum advantage (PRD2), and resilience through error detection, prevention, protection, mitigation, and correction (PRD4). These are key components for the development of a software ecosystem that must be ready to account for modularity and interoperability on one side, and for specialization and performance on another. Research proposed in response to this FOA must primarily focus on addressing one of the two topics described below:

Topic 1 – ­Modular Software Stack: The diversity of quantum computing architectures and hardware technologies is expected to persist into the foreseeable future; this is an important consideration that guides the advancement of computer science sought in this topic. The development of an integrated computational ecosystem requires a general-purpose quantum software stack that is adaptable to, and takes advantage of, multiple kinds of quantum hardware.

We seek basic research in computer science and applied mathematics that:

  • Addresses practical and fundamental bottlenecks that hinder modularity and potential synergy among selected hardware technologies;

  • Pursues general approaches to integration that may remain relevant for future technologies;

  • Devises ways to embed quantum processors in parallel and distributed computing models; and

  • Integrates error management across the software stack.

Topic 2 – Quantum Utility: This topic aims to advance the research towards achievement and demonstration of quantum utility [1] by developing new algorithms and fine-tuning all levels of the software stack for a selected portfolio of promising problems within the ASCR mission.

Applications should:

  • Choose generalizable application-inspired target problems;

  • Develop algorithms for optimized math kernels and math primitives for selected current (NISQ) and future quantum systems that significantly advance state-of-the-art performance for the selected target problems;

  • Adapt, if needed, any level of the software stack for the specific target problems; and

  • Estimate quantum resources by employing important complementary metrics, including energy-to-solution.



All types of domestic applicants are eligible to apply, except nonprofit organizations described in section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986


Award Details:

Total Amount Available:



Maximum Award:



Minimum Award:




Applications Due May 08, 2024



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